Antique Vespa : Vespa scooters restorations, a passion!

The restoration of antique Vespa's started only a while ago, although the Vespa-virus was present since my youth. Buying ready-to-drive antique scooters isn’t the biggest fun of them…. It’s the feeling you have driving them after you put them back together that makes it all !!!

Buying a piece of rusty, dirty metal with an engine underneath it. Then stripping her, making pictures and notes of the pieces. Sandblasting, sanding, painting…. Finding the missing original parts, doing research on the motor, collecting info from friends, giving helpful info to them about their restorations….that’s what’s exiting about these wonderful scooters!

Once these misses are back together, in their original colors, completely functional and with their accessories, then the fact of being able to drive them is the pinnacle of the whole experience!

You can find here some antique scooter projects which are already finished or still in progress. This progress is continuously updated as the work goes on.

These antique scooter restorations can take quite some time, as every piece will be looked at, revised and perhaps restored. Missing parts must looked for. Chromed parts must be re-chromed……

My wish is that all these processes can be of any help to people who share the same passion and are looking for some answers, sometimes small things to be able to continue their own antique scooter projects.

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Vespa Douglas 92L2 original state

Vespa GS VS4 MISA original state

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Vespa Douglas 92l2
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